About SRS

Experts within Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance since 1992

Anki Jareman

CEO & acting Head of Quality Assurances Pharma

anki@srs.se +46 709 315 730

Charlotte Lewerth

Head of Regulatory Affairs Pharma

charlotte@srs.se +46 727 005 551

Karin Rye

Head of Q&R Medical Device

karin@srs.se +46 766 697 711

Agneta Källberg

Anna Berggren

Anne Byström

Christian Kyhlberg

Ellinor Eliasson

Ellinor Nicolau

Helen Bäckroos

Inga Lind

Kristina Hultgren

Lars Janson

Maria Sundbäck

Marie Öhlin

Mia Wikland

Viktoria Hammarstedt

About SRS

We believe in the importance of maintaining a continuous supply of safe and effective medicines and medical devices that benefit humanity. Through our business, we want to help companies provide safe and effective products to patients

With over 30 years in the industry, we are an established partner to our clients. Our specialization relies on employing experienced consultants, all with 10-40 years of expertise within their specific area of competence. With the experience of our employees, we are able to offer competent support in every part of the product’s life cycle in compliance with current regulations. 

We are committed to our projects and customers, as well as in each other. We want to be as valuable to the customer as the customer is to us. 

Our employees are experts in their respective fields with unique and different skills and perspectives. With an experienced team, we offer tailored solutions to our customers based on the collective expertise within SRS. Our customers should feel confident that we understand their challenges and that the work we deliver is targeted to meet their specific needs. In an industry that largely revolves around regulations, structures, and processes, we strive to have a flexible approach within the boundaries of regulations in order to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way.


Scandinavian Regulatory Services (SRS) was founded by Lars Janson over 30 years ago as one of the pioneering consultancy firms in pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Lars’s decision to start the company stemmed from his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including work at the Swedish MPA, individual regulatory certification, and experience gained in the United States

SBL and AGA were among SRS’s first clients. SBL was transitioning into a pharmaceutical company, while AGA, like all medicinal gas manufacturers, needed formal marketing authorizations for their products. With a limited number of available consultants, there was an abundance of work to be done. However, with support from Lars’s established international network, SRS successfully assisted these clients in achieving their objectives. This marked a strong beginning for the company, and since then, SRS has played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies enter the market. They’ve engaged in extensive discussions with the Swedish MPA, secured marketing authorizations for hundreds of products, formulated regulatory strategies for various types of products, and obtained over 60 wholesale distribution authorizations (GDP licenses).

After 20 years, the original company underwent a division, with Anki Jareman assuming the role of Managing Director. Anki brought her expertise in Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance (RA/QA) and medical device development to the company. SRS expanded its team to support both pharmaceuticals and medical devices and, over time, added food and cosmetics to its range of services.

The company’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and competence of everyone who has collaborated with SRS over the years, along with active participation in the established networks. Over the years, SRS has served more than 800 clients, many of whom have become repeat customers, hailing from nearly every corner of the globe.

Today, SRS continues its mission of assisting companies worldwide, with a particular emphasis on the European market, in bringing their products to market and maintaining a strong market presence.