About us

Scandinavian Regulatory Services AB (SRS) is a Swedish consultancy company founded in 1992. We offer regulatory expertise and services to the pharmaceutical, medical device and associated industries.

SRS provides expert regulatory and quality support to bring generic and well-established pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements to the market. 

We are a team of pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory affairs and quality systems specialists with extensive experience from all different aspects of regulatory affairs and quality covering a wide range of products.

All consultants have long-term experience in the field, in leading and executing positions in international pharmaceutical and medical device industries and from regulatory authorities.

SRS is a growing company with 12 employees and more than 20 specialized consultants in various fields.


Ann-Cathrin Jareman
Managing Director

Ann-Cathrin has 25 years experience working with CE-marking, FDA-clearance, registration and quality systems for medical devices, including IVDs.

Mail: Anki@srs.se

Phone: +46 709 315 730

Lars Jansson
Business Development,
Senior Expert

Lilian has more than 15 years experience in Regulatory Affairs working with CE-marking and world wide registrations  for medical devices and more than 10 years experience working for regulatory authorities.


Mail: Lilian@srs.se

Phone: +46 763 922 252

Lilian Nilsson
Medical Devices
Charlotte Lewerth
Director Regulatory Affairs Pharmaceuticals

Charlotte has more than 15 years’ experience working within Regulatory Affairs in several pharmaceutical companies and since 2012 as head of Regulatory Affairs.

Mail: Charlotte@srs.se

Phone: +46 727 005 551

Lars has more than 30 years experience in regulatory affairs and drug development in international pharmaceutical companies as well as regulatory authorities.

Mail: Lars@srs.se



Through the international network, PharmaPriceinternational, PPI,

we have access to pricing and reimbursement experts in the major geographies in the world. In this network, SRS is responsible for the Nordic countries.


Scandinavian Regulatory Services is a founding member of EuDRAcon, a pan-European network of regulatory affairs consultancy companies dealing with medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements. Through this network we always have easy and quick access to qualified regulatory input from all countries in Europe