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We help companies provide safe and effective pharmaceuticals, devices, and combination products to patients. Our experience and expertise ensure reliable, effective, and flexible services. We look forward to partnering with you!

No matter what support you need…

We are looking forward to hearing from you. No matter what support you need, we are here to support. We specialize in new and established medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and drug-device combination products with well-established molecules for the EU and the US.


  • SRS is a small friendly company with a cozy and welcoming office atmosphere. Colleagues are supportive, encouraging, and attentive, fostering strong relationships.

    My tasks are varied, and I feel that my efforts are appreciated. It’s a great joy to go to work every day and make a difference.

  • At SRS, they take the words: – We are a good employer, seriously. Here we have a great working environment with annual traditions, sensible working hours and flexible solutions. All this together with managers who care about their employees as well as good benefits, makes SRS a brilliant place to work.

  • At SRS, I find amazing colleagues and an atmosphere where you can be yourself.  Among us we have interesting discussions and exchanges, on the professional but also on a personal level – especially when enjoying various activities together. As a consultant, the diverse tasks for different clients gives, apart from contributing with my experience, plenty of insights and opportunities to develop.

  • SRS is a caring, flexible company with a good size, caring for its personnel. As a consultant, I enjoy a balanced workload, engaging in diverse tasks that offer both development opportunities and routine assignments. The presence of multiple departments, QA, Regulatory, and Medical Device, fosters collaboration and valuable input exchange among colleagues.

  • Working at SRS is enriching on both professional and personal levels, offering diverse challenges in different industries. It’s the most caring employer I’ve ever had, with a friendly, respectful atmosphere and down-to-earth, helpful colleagues. The dog-friendly office and genuine care for employees make SRS stand out among companies that claim to prioritize their staff.

  • The size of SRS is just right to provide a ‘family-like’ yet professional atmosphere. Everyone is helpful and exchanges experiences and knowledge with each other. Being a consultant is enjoyable and flexible. The work constantly offers new challenges and gives you the opportunity to learn a lot. Being surrounded by knowledge and innovation is very rewarding.

  • As a consultant at SRS, I leverage my diverse work experience to tackle fresh challenges with each client and project. SRS prioritizes employee well-being, translating this belief into action through effective management and a collaborative atmosphere. We’re a cohesive, experienced team driven by the shared goal of delivering exceptional products to the market while enjoying the process.

  • As a consultant, I tackle challenging, variable and rewarding tasks. The warm and friendly office atmosphere fosters employee well-being, and our strong company identity encourages close collaboration. At SRS, we don’t just work for the company; we are SRS, making it a fantastic place to work.

  • For me, SRS felt like a perfect fit from day one, with a welcoming and knowledgeable team in a personal office environment. I value the open atmosphere, exciting challenges, and growth opportunities. Our competent managers, quick decision-making, and the ideal company size create a harmonious balance between structure and a personal touch. If everyone could enjoy work like we do, the world would be a better place.