Regulatory and Quality consultancy company


Vill du jobba med oss på SRS?

Vi utökar nu både vår QA-verksamhet inom läkemedel samt RA/QA-verksamhet inom medicinteknik. Vi söker er med erfarenhet och brinnande intresse för kvalitetssäkring samt regulatoriska regelverket inom läkemedel eller medicintekniska branschen. Vill du jobba med små företag och nya spännande produkter så kom med i vårt team och bidra med ditt stöd till våra kunder.

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We have high level experience to support your regulatory procedures for market access and compliance in the post-approval phase in Europe and several other geographies such as US, China and Latin America.

Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Pricing and reimbursement,  Classification and Due diligence are example of areas where we can support you.

We provide expertise in regulatory affairs and quality assurance for Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Cosmetics and Food Supplements. 


All our consultants have long experience from working in the pharmaceutical industry and authorities, both in leading and executing positions.

Scandinavian Regulatory Services (SRS) is a Swedish consultancy company founded in 1992.

SRS offers professional and flexible services customized to our clients' needs. Working with companies all over the world to obtain and maintain market access for their Products.